Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a new favorite

Guitar Hero/Rock Band - it's upstairs. What can I say - it's a blast! Our life will never be the same :) Thanks Curt for bringing it into our lives! The person you might not recognize is Jeremy Guthrie starting player for the Baltimore Orioles. Jeremy was kind enough to come to dinner, sign baseballs and play rock band with the family. Jeremy is also Tyler's friend and former mission companion while serving in Spain. Jeremy came to Boise to speak at a Stake Fireside. He told them how much he loves baseball and that he loves the gospel more. He told us how his lifelong boyhood dream was to play for the New York Yankees and just after he graduated high school they offered him one million dollars to come and play with them! Jeremy really wanted to accept their offer but knew he wanted to serve a mission so he turned down the offer and went off to Spain to serve the Lord and where he didn't pick up a baseball at all for 2 years! Upon returning home he somehow threw the ball even faster than before and was signed by the Baltimore Orioles for more money than he thought possible. He is married and has 2 children and lives off-season in Utah. Go Jeremy! An inspiration to us all.

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