Friday, February 22, 2008

Wedding of the Year

Grace orchestrated the renewing of our vows from start to finish. She planned this for weeks and everything had to be just right. She had a vision. She dressed us - Dan in some sort of Amish getup and me in a black & pink 8O's sparkle dress (that I hate to admit was hanging in my closet); she decorated tables using wise men & angels; she had us dance; she had us kiss; and she had us pose for this picture. It was a lavish affair. My favorite part of the event was eating the imaginary cake. Caroline looked into her paper bowl and promptly announced,"I can't like it". It was lovely.


Gabe & Christy Beal said...

If only I could have been there..maybe I could have caught your toilet paper bouquet. I cant believe you didnt video tape this.

Jayna & Family said...

Very nice blogging mom! You're onto it now! If you ever can't think of something current to write about, post an old photo and tell about it! Or your childhood memories! We'd all love it! My vote is for the time you baked the kittens in the mailbox.