Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Engagement announced!

Living vicariously

Wow! Yesterday was so fun! Yes, even tax day can be fun. Curtis proposed to Kallie and she said YES! Curtis was so nice to let us help him plan this big event and I think we had as much fun as he did! The ring is beautiful! He designed it & had it made. The day started off with Curtis giving Kallie a bouquet of Calla lilies at work (they work together) and a card with instructions for a surprise hair appointment. Curtis set off to get groomed as well; to get his hair cut/styled, eyebrow wax & shave (complete with a Brad Pitt hair photo). Next came shopping downtown. Curtis bought Kallie a cute red dress that she had admired in a window a couple weeks before. After the shopping adventure Curt took Kallie home & told her to get ready and he would be back to pick her up at 6:30 and out for a night of fun. She thought they were celebrating their 6 month anniversary of dating! Curtis came home, got dressed up, worked out the last minute details and left to pick up Kallie. After Curt left the house the fun really started! Christy & I went and picked up a most adorable husky puppy that we [Curtis, Christy & I] had searched the world over for - literally - there were endless days of internet searching, phone calls & many pictures) and just when Curtis was about to give up on the puppy idea he found one right here in Boise! She is adorable! At exactly 8:15 pm Dan, Christy & I placed the puppy inside a stretch Escalade limousine. It was most awesome site to see and so large inside Christy thought maybe she could hide there and watch the night unfold. Dan had gone inside and got Curt’s keys to his truck (prearranged) so he could drive it home. I hid in the Lexus and Christy hid behind a fat cement green thing that blended in with her coat so she could get a closer look and try to get some pictures. Sadly none of them turned out. The proposal was really fun. Kallie was so confused as to why they were getting in the Limo but then she saw the puppy and SCREAMED so loud we heard her! The puppy had a gold heart on her collar that said,”Kallie, will you marry me? Then Curt got on one knee and proposed with the ring.
Sweet, and very romantic! Afterwards they drove around in the limo and went to Kallie’s house and then ours. It was a blast!!!!


The Pooley Tribe said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting!

Julia & Darren said...

Oh that is so exciting Yay Curtis! They make an adorable couple :) and that puppy.. wow how could she say no its so cute!!