Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I REALLY REALLY wish I had followed that advice. On Sunday morning I had to make a little trip to the hospital because I fell on my face. How you might ask? Well, I was running into the house after taking a picture of my dad's truck out in the driveway (another story for another day) and as I rounded the corner of the house I slipped (no there wasn’t any ice - but I was in my socks and I will BLAME them). I body slammed on the sidewalk on my right side. The last thing I remember is feeling my feet go out from under me and thinking this is gonna hurt. I remember waking up and thinking I'd better hurry and get some ice & aspirin. After getting in the house and looking in the mirror I thought maybe that wasn't going to be enough. The right side of my face was HUGE!!! and growing bigger by the second. I called for Dan & he took one look at my huge swelling face and said, "get in the car, I think you broke your face!", so we got in the car & left Curtis, dad & Flo just standing there. After a CT scan miraculously determined that nothing was broken we returned home with some ice and Vicodin. Later as I sat in the recliner listening to TV (I can only see distance with my right lasik-ed eye; maybe this is a reason to do BOTH eyes???) with an ice pack on my face, Jayna calls and says she's in labor and Tyler has left for NY. What are the odds?! and need I mention Christy shutting her finger in her car door? What's with us? The swelling has gone down about 80% from what it was and it only hurts when I talk or laugh. I have bruises on the whole right side of my body. I can't leave the house - if I do people just stare. They think I'm abused. I can just tell what they are thinking! I tried wearing big glasses when I went to see Jayna in the hospital but they sat lop-sided on my face because of the swelling. I'll catch a glimps of myself in the mirror and I don't recognise myself. I have been taking Arnica Montana pills for the bruising and I also some cream which I thought I have been using until today when I actually looked at the tube and it reads "Lamisil". I have been slathering anti fungal cream on my face! Maybe I have a concusion afterall.

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The Pooley Tribe said...

That's just an awful story! I hope you have a speedy recovery!