Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We just had a little visit with my mom & Harold and Uncle Stan (my mom's oldest brother) who came for a two day stopover on their way from Portland, OR. to Orem UT. where Uncle Stan will spend time with family and look at some retirement places where he might decide to move to. We have had a fun time visiting & eating and yes, watching Idol. Last night even Stan had some favorites! Stan brought some photos along that he has taken & collected over the years. I just love this picture! look at my stylin mom! It was taken around 1970. I have never seen this photo nor do I remember getting it taken but I do remember the trip because it was a real vacation! We went to see about bidding on the Baker Radar site demolition in Oregon. It was also the first time I saw the ocean! We stayed with Uncle Stan for a couple of days in his "New York" style apartment. This picture was taken on the front steps of his apartment building in Portland, Oregon. Thanks Uncle Stan for the fun memory!

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Julia & Darren said...

Wow!! Your not kiddin Grams looks hot! I love old pictures like this :)