Monday, June 16, 2008

Christy's Baby Shower & Father's Day

Saturday we had Christy's baby shower and it went well. Jayna was deathly sick but made it through the shower and then went home to bed. There was lots of great food and Christy got some really cute things. About 15 family & friends came to wish her well! I can't wait to go see all the cute things she got - I was too busy taking pictures and running around to see what she got. We ordered these beautiful little fancy boxes which we filled with chocolates to hand out as party favors - they were just too cute. Christy was so beautiful! She has a lot more of the details & pictures on her blog so check it out!

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day and Dan said this was the best Father's Day ever! I guess it was a good year or maybe our kids are old enough and have their own money to buy gifts :) - what is the best gift of all is spending time with our family. Money can't buy that! Dan got a Garmon (sp?), Gabe got a shiney new BBQ grill and Tyler got a much needed nap! He has been on sick duty for 2 weeks! We ate & ate and had a great time with our family minus Jayna, Grace & Caroline who sadly are still sick. I also started getting sick last night and rummaged around in our medicine cabinet and started taking some drugs so hopefully I will be better by tonight when we will be blessed to have mom & Harold, Stan & Shirleen to spend the night. They are taking our suburban & trailer to get some of Stans things. Hopefully it will be a smooth trip for them! We are planning on a BBQ tonight - hopefully everyone will be well enough to attend!


jayna said...

Thanks for feeding my husband the past two days- it's the only Father's day present he got!

Also, my shout-out to Dad is on my blog. Direct him there, won't you?!

Jana said...

Thanks Sherry! We hope to see you there on Sunday!