Saturday, June 21, 2008

dreams...and Moths

Dan: what were you dreaming last night?
Sherry: nothing - I don't remember any dream.
Dan: in the middle of the night you woke me up yelling for me to STOP flying around you!
was I a moth or what?
Sherry: Hahaha, I have no idea.
Dan: after you did that you also told me you hadn't been to sleep at all!


A couple of weeks ago while Tyler was traveling Jayna & the girls spent a couple of nights with us. One night around 10:30 pm as we lay in our bed our phone rings. I answered it and to my surprise it was Jayna calling from upstairs. She was calling on her cell phone. She was whispering so it took me a minute to figure out who & why they were calling. In a hushed frantic voice [so she wouldn't wake Lia] she asked if dad could bring up the bug vacuum and get some moths that apparently had her trapped in the bedroom! She wouldn't be able to go to the bathroom in the night. Now we know she has a terrible moth phobia so Dan did go upstairs and got 3 moths. We all went back to bed and then the phone rang again and later yet again. After a couple more hushed phone calls in the night Dan finally found the place where they were getting in and sealed off one of the quest rooms door with a towel. The sliding door had been left open and it was full of BLACK moths which apparently are the worst kind! They were hatching out like crazy on the Golf course pine trees. We did have quite a run of them this year. After 2 nights of moth terror Jayna packed up the kids and headed back to her house. She would rather take her chances with an intruder...


The Pooley Tribe said...

That girls and her moths. Remember when you put one in a ring box to scare her? That was funny. Just kidding Jayna, not funny at ll.

Gabe & Christy Beal said...

i think you should put a post about dads dream trying to kill himself in the meat oven thingy! HAHA you are both so crazy!

Also, i find it hillairous that it is in no way unusual for us to call people downstairs from our cell phones when we are at your house. Sometimes you can yell and yell for curtis, but until you call his cell he wont respond!

as a sidenote - I cant believe julia is pregnant! I just found out tonight! How fun!

Diana & CJ said...

Oh can I forget Jayna's moth phobia? Sheeze.

jayna said...

And you people wonder why I'm derranged...I'd forgotten about that ring box thing. You should pay for my therapy MOM!