Thursday, June 19, 2008

what cuties!

These sisters don't look a thing alike but they are all so darn cute! Grace with her freckles, brown hair & brown eyes; Caroline who is so very fair with her blond hair & blue eyes, and Lila with her brown hair & blue eyes has the darkest complexion of all! We love em!

A visit from "Grape" Grammy

I just had to take a picture of this rose bush. It's absolutely stunning! We have about 15 roses bushes and all the blooms are GI-NORMOUS this year! They are about 8 inches across!

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Gabe & Christy Beal said...

Lila is a little indian! We should perhaps nickname her 'tigerlilly'...
they seriously dont look related at all!

I keep watching my 4d video over and over again but I cant see a dang thing between its legs - let alone know where its legs are! Im getting antsy!