Tuesday, June 24, 2008

JUNE 27TH 1979

Then and now~

I can't believe we have been married for 29 years!
Happy Anniversary Love! Can you believe we got married when we were 19?! Yes, we were just children and had no idea what we getting into but we were crazy in love and didn't care about anything except that we were together forever. 3 kids, 3 kids by marriage and 4 grandchildren later I love you more each day!

Here are some fabulous photos from 1979.
Our engagement photo~
Our wedding invitation~
Getting married in the Logan temple~
Our wedding reception line in the GF church gym~
Cutting our cake~
The announcement in the Glenns Ferry Pilot that ran for like 3 weeks much to our embarrassment!


Jana said...

Congratulations! I love how the wedding announcement mentions how the cultural hall was decorated :)

Crandall Family said...
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Crandall Family said...

The cultural hall was a beauty. Don't you especially love the backdrop for our pictures? Thoes shiny gold folding doors added the perfect touch!

jayna said...

You two crazy kids (as your neighbors would say) have "only just begun" to "sail away" together, remembering all the good times because after all, you are a "sentimental lady."

Happy 1970's Anniversary!

stadia said...

Funny you dont look old enough to be married that long