Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My dad's having heart surgery

On Thursday at 8:00 am my dad is having open heart surgery - quadruple bypass and a mitral valve repair or replacement. His arteries are 90-95 % blocked! How he has stayed alive this long is nothing short of a a miracle his Dr. says. I am a vegetarian as of right now. Heart surgery is my worst nightmare -the thing I dread most of all. I've always said I just couldn't stand it - anything to do with the heart. Just the thought of it makes me ill. He's pretty worn out right now but maybe this is his second lease on life. I hope & pray everything will turn out good for him.
The Doctor says this is his only chance. He's days away from a massive heart attack or stroke. My dad is still pretty scrappy so maybe he'll survive this obstacle that life has thrown at him. I love this picture of him with Grace & Caroline taken at Christmas 2 1/2 years ago.

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jayna said...

I'm sure everything will be fine! If that keylation and compound X stuff didn't do Grandpa any damage, I'm sure cholesterol and plaque don't stand a chance! We love him despite his crazies!