Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update on my dad

Well, just as things were going so well, dad took a turn for the worse. Dad was doing so great this morning. The nurse couldn’t believe how well he was doing. They had taken out his breathing tube and were going to sit him up for some breakfast. Dane got to visit with dad in the CCU for about 20 minutes but that was all he could take and had to leave before he fainted.

Then at 10:00am dad’s heart stopped beating and they shocked it and got it going again but then stopped 2 more times. The third time took 2 shocks. Dane called me and said the were going to put in a balloon heart pump. So, Dane & I have been emailing back & forth all day (me eating Klonopin and Dane wishing he had some) and here is the latest report on dad.

The nurse said he’s sedated and not feeling any pain right now. He can respond by squeezing her hand. She said it was touch & go there for awhile and it is a setback for sure.

They have put him back on the breathing machine and it will stay in probably until Monday as well as the Balloon heart pump which she says is about as big as a sausage and regulates for every heart beat – 2 pulses. It is in his aorta – up through his leg I believe (GROSS) They did another sonogram and all 4 of his arteries that they grafted are open and look like they are doing well which is some good news. He'll be on the ventilator & balloon pump until Monday it looks like.

Well, I just heard from Dane. What a nerve wracking day. Dad's surgery lasted about 5 hours. They did quadruple bypass (they were all 95% blocked) and repaired his mitral valve. His heart beat is slower than they would like but it's okay I guess (?) and he is in critical condition where he will be for the next 3 days, then if all goes well he can move to a regular room for about a week. His heart is mis-shapen due to the defective mitral valve but his Dr. thinks it will straighten out eventually. Every 4 hours is a marker of some kind. The first 48 hours are the most critical. So all we can do is wait & pray.

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