Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympics

We have enjoyed watching the summer Olympics this past week with TEVO so we could skip the boring parts. The opening ceremony was pretty good, especially the ending with the silhouette of the man running with the torch hundreds of feet in the air and the closing ceremony was amazing! It was more of a Cirque Du Soleil show with fireworks. We enjoyed learning more about Beijing and their customs; especially the segment on the Panda Bears and the Birds Nest auditorium built especially for the Olympics. The Chinese spent 40 Billion dollars getting ready for the Olympics and had more than 1 million volunteers. Crazy! The highlight of the events was the swimming by Michael Phelps (22). He is a 14-time Olympic gold medalist (the most by any Olympian), who currently holds seven world records in swimming. He holds the record for the most gold medals won at a single Olympics; a total of eight, surpassing Mark Spitz. Overall, Phelps has won 16 Olympic medals: six gold and two bronze at Athens in 2004, and eight gold at the Beijing Olympics. It was really amazing to watch him swim. Some of the relays were really close and one race was won by 1/100th of a second. We beat the French relay team who had been boasting that they would smoke us. HA! Very Exciting!!! Of course Gymnastics is my favorite event; both the men & women. Shout outs to our USA athletes Johnny Horton (22), Shawn Johnson (16) & Nastia Liukin (19) (whose father and her coach is a two-time gold medalist gymnist from Russia) who were just outstanding and didn’t get all the credit they deserved as the judges heavily favored the Chinese athletes who looked like they were maybe 10 years old. Seriously! The Australian judge didn’t like the USA gymnists and consistently gave us up to 1 point less than the other judges. Bella Corrolli gave everyone a good show by chewing them out!

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jayna said...

Bella Corolli was hilarious to watch! Crazy old guy!