Monday, August 4, 2008

Mobile Graveyard

Where do all the misfit mobiles end up? Why my house of course. I ordered a mobile for Christy like the one I got for Jayna when she had Grace. This one has a white noise feature that works great. I got it off eBay. It said "new in box" and I was happy to get a $90 mobile for $30. Yeah! Not so quick. When it came it looked like Helen Keller wrapped it but I thought oh well, it will be just like new inside - NOT. In fact there were more broken pieces than not broken pieces. I did get all my money back and then went to searching on the internet for one like it that was under $90. I finally found one for $55 and it arrived beautifully packaged in just 3 days! I was thrilled - that is until we tried to hook it up to Christy's crib and realized the music box played so softly you could barely hear it and it wouldn't attach to the over-sized top rail on the crib. I emailed them and asked if they could send me a replacement music box (Gabe thought he could mount it to the wall or zip tie it on the crib). No, they could not replace it and they refunded my money. Neither place wanted the mobile back so now I have all these parts so I thought I could maybe make one mobile that would work so I got some tools out of the tool box and went to work. I ruined the back of one mobile because the screws got striped out and I had to pry it off in pieces but not to worry because I still had one good back. But sadly, After all is said and done Brigitte has no mobile to help her development and make her smart. On the bright side she does have 2 music boxes, one plays music very soft and the other one plays loud and one even has a cover for the batteries. Sorry Brigitte! Maybe Lila will outgrow hers in 2 months and you can use it.


Gabe & Christy Beal said...

i just peed my pants reading that! (although these days it doesnt take a lot!) This really was a tragedy - so many mobile parts and no mobile!

We will have to make her smart some other way!

jayna said...

Mom, this was funny! And yes, Lila will be done sometime soon and we'll pass it along before Brigitte ever notices that she isn't developing on schedule!

The Pooley Tribe said...

That is one sad story. If it makes you feel any better, Mitchell never had any sort of mobile, and he seems to be doing okay.