Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our little piece of Heaven

This is a momentous occasion! After years and years of searching from Garden Valley to Grand Jean for a cabin or some land on which to build one, this dream is finally coming true! We have been able to purchase almost 8 acres in Lowman within walking distance to the river! To make it even more special is that this land belonged to Joe Branson who was Dan’s grandfather. To get this land is such a miracle! It was set to go to Auction on Sept 5th because liens had been placed on it and back taxes owed (owned by Dan's step-aunt). We were able to convince the judge to let us keep it in the family if we paid off everything owed against it. We can’t wait to start planning & building a cabin. It has the original homestead that was built in 1904 but it’s in bad shape and probably can’t be saved. This was the cabin where Dan’s mother grew up so she is overjoyed to have it back in the family. Hopefully we can use some of the logs from the old homestead somewhere in the new construction. There are several old out buildings as well that we might be able to salvage. We will probably call it something like the "Southfork Ponderosa Ranch".

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glory said...

Congrats you guys! I am happy (and a little jealous) for you!