Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blessing Day

Today was Brigitte's blessing day. Gabe gave Brigitte a really sweet blessing. Brigitte was so good - she slept all trough Sacrament meeting and they said she smiled all through her blessing! We couldn't see her through all the men surrounding her! We are all so happy that she is here and part of our family! Her dress is lovely! Christy thought the sleeves were too puffy so I took them in (really white trash sewing - but it worked). It was a really nice sunny- but not too hot - day. I made 2 GIANT potato casseroles (in turkey roasting pans) that took forever to cook. I made them on Saturday so all I had to do was get up early & bake them on Sunday morning since church was at 9:00 am. I got up at 6:00 am and put them in and they were not done by 8:30 am so I left them baking while we went to Sacrament meeting. They finally did get done and everyone said they were good. There was TONS of yummy food! There were lots of family & friends. Christy's visiting teacher came & took family pictures of everyone so I will post more when I get them. Here are a couple I took with my camera. I was so excited to get a family photo but sadly, another event passes without the Crandall's getting everyone in the picture. Jayna & Lila are both sick and weren't able to make it. To make matters Tyler had to fly to New York at 3:00 today. The guys gathered in the family room to watch BYU win by one point. I guess it was pretty exciting the way they were yelling in there! The little kids had fun playing together. We are seriously blessed! When we got home we got some good news - Jon & Lisa are expecting a baby the first of March! Congrats to them!


jayna said...

The babies look seriously out of place in the picture of the girls, who are all looking like flowy-haired and very non-motherish MODELS!

I swear--I can't believe we're sick. I'm really feeling okay, but I didn't want to spread it around to anyone else, just in case. The food was so good!

Gabe & Christy Beal said...

Wow, i knew you would have pics up already! you are so efficient! We cant thank you enough for the delicious award winning crowd pleasing casseroles. what a HIT. You are completely famous amongst the Beals now! CAn you email me the pics from your camera from today? WE have NONE! I cant wait to see how Britneys turn out! Hopefully there are some good ones. Im going to have her come take some of brigitte alone in her dress. But we should do another little shoot ourselves with your magic camera. I took a 4 hour nap and threw up. Good times. But im feeling ok now.
So cool about jon and lisa!!!! Exciting!