Friday, September 5, 2008

Girls Day Out

Today we had a girls day out: Grammy + Grace + Caroline = FUN TIMES I thought since Grace was starting Kindergarten (can she really be 5?) and Caroline is starting Preschool we should do something fun to celebrate. We started out the day with dance class. I met up with Jayna & the girls @ 9:30 am at their new ballet /tap class. The girls were so cute in their tap shoes! After dance class I took Grace & Caroline to Aunt Christy's to drop off some things and then we decided it might be fun to go to Sushi and let the girls try eating with chop sticks. They loved the restaurant (Sakana's) and thought it was so fancy! The food was great & I must confess that both girls are way better with chopsticks than I am - I asked for a fork! After lunch the girls & I went to my house to pack some snacks for the movie. It was slim pickings for a movie selection but decided to see WALL E. When we got to Edwards the girls wanted a picture with the "fancy Ladies" so I went to take one of them and the ticket guy said he would take one with me also - that was embarrassing but we did it. The movie was okay - but was a little too old for the girls. There was only 4 other people in the whole theater so we pretty much had it to ourselves which was good because the girls changed seats like 100 times. We started in the very top row and ended up somewhere in the middle. They said they enjoyed it but I think they enjoyed trying out each seat & the Pirate Booty even more. No day would be complete without icecream so we found the nearest place (Carl's Jr.) and had some chocolate milkshakes and the girls played on the Space Jungle Gym (one of the biggest ones I've ever seen). Then I took two very tired and dirty little girls home to their mom. I'm glad we did it. Dan flew to Spokane today and should be back anytime now. I can't wait to compare our days. I bet I had way more fun. Thanks girls for such a great day!


jayna said...

Mom, you are amazing. Thanks so much for taking them- they had the most fantastic time!! We love our Grammy!

Gabe & Christy Beal said...

Seriously, that picture in front of the dancing ladies is HILLARIOUS! You are super-grammy for sure! Its so fun that you take the time to do special days with the grandkids. We are so lucky to have you!