Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blessed with Granddaughters!

I thought I would do a little post for each of our granddaughters. They are so cute & wonderful! We were double blessed this summer with the addition of Lila & Brigitte joining our family. What fun to have 2 babies in one summer!
Grace~ age 5 started Kindergarten this week! She is one of the lucky students to get in to Answer charter school which she is enjoying. She loves art, drama, horses & fashion. She is always "stylish - polish" She is taking ballet/tap dance.

Caroline~ age almost 3 started pre-school this year even though she was technically too young. Ms. Heather loves her and says Caroline listens better than her 4 yr. olds. She takes gymnastics and ballet/tap with her sister. She is very dramatic & funny! She actually prefers not wearing clothes...
What can we say about Lila or Lila loo as we call her. She's almost 5 months and all smiles & c hubbies! What's not to love?! She's such a good natured baby; always happy and even sleeps 12 hours at night! (just like her mommy - she is so much like Jayna as a baby!).
And last but not least, sweet little 6 week old Brigitte, our miracle baby who arrived after a complicated pregnancy. She entertains us with her cute expressions, sounds & smiles. She's a little "spicy or spunky" at times and her little personality shows through already! She is very alert & bright eyed and already likes to stand up at 6 weeks old. Watch out world!

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