Sunday, October 26, 2008

We can't say enough about the fun time we had at Disneyland! Disney is celebrating 100 years of Disney and Halloween so everything was decorated so cute. The haunted mansion was "The Nightmare Before Christmas". It was the most fun we've had in a long time and it was extra fun as grandparents seeing it through Grace & Caroline's eyes. We took our kids to Disneyland when they were 5, 3 and 6 months (see pictures) and now we went back 22 years later with Jayna, and her kids are ages 5, 3 and 6 months. What a coincidence. We didn't plan it - it just turned out that way. There is so much more to do this time around and we got to see and ride amazing things! Tyler & Jayna were experts at getting us "fast passes" for the rides and knowing where to go at what time; we would have been completely lost without them :) Jayna also planned ahead and wisely brought the girls fancy princess dresses (with gloves) and jewelry since everything at Disney is so expensive. She also brought them trick or treating bags for the night we went trick or treating which also was so much fun. There were dance parties everywhere with all the Disney characters and lots of candy - some given out by scary characters like the "wicked witch or the mean queen" Everything was "REAL" to the girls and it was so much fun seeing things through their eyes. Having breakfast with the Princesses was definitely one of the highlights. Everything about that morning was perfect from the most delicious food, the setting at Ariel's Grotto overlooking the water, to the girls "visiting" with their favorite "REAL" princesses Grace with Sleeping Beauty and Caroline with Cinderella - it really was PRICELESS! We walked until we could no longer feel our feet and ate until we were stuffed and made the most of our 3 days there. Our favorite ride was California Soarin. I can't say enough about this - it's the closest to flying (like in your dreams) that you will ever experience. It was pure heaven. You never leave your seat but you are flying through the air and can smell orange groves, feel the wind and smell the ocean - AMAZING! I wish we had time to do it twice. Tyler & Jayna did talk me into riding the roller coaster - California Screamin and I have to say it was way fun - I rode it twice in fact. Thanks guys for talking me into it! The food, the parade, the fireworks - everything was FANTASTIC!!! The fireworks works absolutely the best we've ever seen!!! We decided we would go again in 4 years and take the whole family. It's just too much fun and really was pure MAGIC.


Straight to Your Hart said...

Just the word Magic brings the twinkle out in my eyes..everybodies actually..Magic to share!!

The Pooley Tribe said...

Looks like a lot of fun! You guys have inspired me to go to Disneyland in October.