Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day Week

Mother's Day week was AWESOME!!! I got to spend some time with my mom! She and Harold came up for a few days. Gabe & Christy blessed Spencer on Mother's Day to make it extra special :) We all went and it was a wonderful Sunday. After the baby blessing we hung out at Christy's and then Dan & I and Mom & Harold drove to Garden Valley where they spent a few days.

Spencer in his blessing outfit.
Christy had spent all day Friday before his blessing looking for a blessing outfit but could not find anything that would fit him that wasn't shiny. I had a great idea. I looked online and found this adorable outfit and then called my mom to go and buy it in Orem and bring it up on Sat. She did and it fit him and it was so cute! A real miracle. The blessing Gabe gave him was really nice.

Isn't she lovely!
I curled & styled my moms hair - I thought it looked nice!

Mom & Harold pose for a picture while we were taking a walk. The weather was coolish but we didn't received the rain we were supposed to receive so that was good. It got close to 70 one day. We went swimming twice but the pool was only 98 and it felt cold to us. Of course the day after they left it was 102!

Harold was so sweet - he brought me a Mother's Day gift! A manicure set which I sorely need!

okay so go ahead & laugh at this picture, I have no shame! We had gotten back from swimming and decided to sew a couple more skirts. Mom had to leave at 7:00 the next morning (Thursday) so she & Harold could be home in time to teach their Temple prep class. It was getting late and mom was sewing up a storm so I curled her hair to save time.... we were a little stressed but I think it paid off -


Harold helped Dan take off the siding from the blue garage/shop and put up fiberglass panels so we can make it into a greenhouse. I think Harold might need a rest when he gets home!

on Friday night Gabe & Christy came up and spent the night and gabe helped frame up new front steps for concrete. Thanks Gabe!!!

ready for concrete!

I did a little photo shoot with Spencer and this is one of the pictures I took - so sweet!

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jayna said...

Oh Grandma's hair did look so cute! You did a good job mom, I'm impressed! (definitely nicer before the night's rest on it!):)

Spencer is getting some chubs on him!