Sunday, May 2, 2010

This weekend was our Stake Conference. Yesterday at 3:00 Dan & I traveled to Emmett (our Stake Center) where Dan had a 4-6:00 Preisthood Aux. meeting. Elder Maynes (70's General Authority) spoke to the men. I sat in the car in the nice warm sunshine and made a few phone calls and then read a book on my Kindle. Then I went inside and met up with Dan and went to a delicious dinner that had been prepared for the out-of-towners. We ate Hawaiian haystacks & strawberry brownies with Elder Maynes and the other out-of-towners. We sat next to a couple from Cascade. I had no idea Cascade was in our stake. Then we attended the Sat General Adult Session of conference. Elder Maynes is a gifted speaker and the time flew by. We loved his stories. He told us one of President Hinckley; how he was like the energizer bunny and never stopped working. He had put in a 70 hour week and when they finally got on the plane headed home everyone was exhausted. Elder Maynes was just falling asleep when he heard 3 loud thumps. He turned around and President Hinkley was exercising - he was 93 at the time! He said that President Hinkley had put in many many hours more than anyone and here he was - exercising! So when we think we are tired to think of this story. Today we went to our Sunday session where elder Maynes & his wife spoke. It was a very uplifting weekend!

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