Sunday, June 27, 2010

31 years ago today~
we were married in the Logan temple
for time & all eternity

then & now

wow, we haven't changed a bit . . . well maybe a little :) Today we went to church and gave our lessons. In Primary I had 17 kids in my class! and in Young Women's 10 girls. We were told that we could have huge classes in the summer but I didn't really believe it. Now we know Summer has finally arrived! It is our turn to clean the church so last Tuesday we cleaned and cleaned and will do the same this coming Tuesday. I did all the doors & windows inside & out. I must admit I was a little sore the next day - I guess I'm a little out of shape but I must say the building looked especially nice today :) Tonight we are headed to Boise where we will stay with Tyler & Jayna for a night. Monday Dan has some business in the morning and then we'll shop for necessities (and birthday presents since we have quite a few birthdays to celebrate in July!). I've got a list a mile long. Well that's how we are spending our day! We had Chow-mien for lunch & rice crispy treats for dessert. I know, sounds like an exciting way to celebrate a 31st wedding anniversary....


on July 13th
we are going to Utah to see
Paul McCartney in concert at the Rio Tinto Stadium!!!

I'm so excited for this! Dan is too (but will not admit it). Can't wait!!!

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