Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Father's day weekend

Happy Father's day to:

my dad

Harold my Dad #2

and my wonderful husband!

Curt came up Sat night and brought Dan's present - a new grill - which we so needed!
we grilled a Salmon and had wild rice, jello, green beans & German chocolate cake which we ate on our picnic table. It was so nice!

unfortunately for Curt he arrived just as Dan & Walt finished building a new greenhouse table. It was time to move it into the greenhouse and that's where the fun begins. Someone has to hold it in the bucket of the Bobcat during transport to the greenhouse. So Curt helped load it onto the Bobcat and climbed on to hold it. As you can see Curt was also Dan's eyes... since he couldn't see over the bucket.... I heard a few, "no dad - the other way - to the right!, no to the left!". They only ran into a tree twice.... Curt also buzzed up a tree for us for firewood. Curt - thank you sooooo much for coming up!!! We loved your visit. I don't think Father's day would have been the same if you hadn't come up. It was so good to see you.

who knew my favorite room in the house would be the greenhouse!
I just love it! Its just so nice and warm in there :)

our first veggies are up!

don't ask me what they are...

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