Saturday, June 12, 2010

random thoughts... no pictures

Today it's 82 perfect degrees (and its about time). We went to Lowman this morning to check on things there and brought back some flower pots that we will use in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is coming along. We are in the table/shelves building stage. Hope to plant something (even if its wrong) this next week. Walt has been helping Dan get the sprinklers running. They got the pump hooked up by the river and fixed most of the broken sprinklers. Just working out a few kinks there and we'll be able to start watering our lawn (I mean dandelions/weeds). We have had tons of pine cones this year and now we have tons of pine tree dust falling - huge clouds of pale green dust - its everywhere. On a sad note Curt missed qualifying for the Firefighters test by 1.3%! He needed to get at least a 96% to qualify. There were over 1000 people taking the test for 6 city firefighter positions. We are so sad. Darn it. On a lighter note, this morning I decided to try my Kindle and was DELIGHTED to find it was coming in! I had previously tried it when we first moved in but thought maybe the cell phone booster might help it somehow pick up the whispernet (whatever that is) and it did! I downloaded about 20 book samples to read. I can't wait! So much easier this way than having to hook up via USB to my computer and hunting for books online and then having to download to my computer before loading onto the Kindle. Its the little things in life! We are finally going to pour our driveway on Monday and hopefully the painter can start painting next week too. I was called to be in the Young Womens Presidency last week as the first counselor while not being released from Primary. So I now teach the 8-12 year olds 2nd hour and Young Womens 3rd hour. Very confusing - I keep getting my lessons mixed up! At least maybe we can combine some of the activities. They are going to call a new Primary teacher but I don't know when. Summer is the busy season here and they tell me I can have as many as 20 kids in my class. I can't wait! You never know if there is going to be 1 or 10. Such as life in a small touristy (is that a word? well it is now) summer town. Last night (and we'll do the same tonight) we went swimming and then went and ate at the lodge. It was really fun!


Jana said...

Sherry, I thought of you yesterday! Chuck and I went camping up by Silver Creek Plunge, and so we drove through Crouch and I kept looking around, thinking, "I know Sherry and Dan live up around here somewhere, maybe it's one of these houses!" It's certainly a beautiful area :)

jayna said...

Glad to catch up on the goings ons! You guys have a lot happening!