Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday festivities

We headed off to take 2 high school girls to Boise and to attend a little graduation party for Tyler. I can't believe Tyler has graduated and is off to college. Tyler got a wonderful scholarship to the national Technical Institute for the deaf in Rochester, NY. What a wonderful young man he is! Now Dallas & Julie are now empty nesters! The 2 girls we took to Boise are from our Branch here in Garden Valley and will be staying with Jayna & Christy for awhile to help them out; maybe for the whole summer. Hopefully it will be a good match for all! Here are some pictures from our Saturday.

Tyler with his cake

"Grape" Grammy meets Spencer for the first time

The girls playing

Brigitte ready to play
"Hey where did everybody go?"

a campground in Garden Valley with floating picnic tables

We had to wait one hour at Horseshoe Bend for them to clear out some logs from under the bridge there.

even the hills around Horseshoe Bend look beautiful right now from all the rain!

the Middlefork river in front of our house is swollen, yes swollen. I have never used that word to describe a river before, but that is what it is. It is way up and has flooded parks, homes, bridges etc. There are lakes in all the pastures. Yesterday Dan & I walked down to get the mail and while we had on rain coats we were totally unprepared for the torrential rains that were coming at us from all angles. At one point we just had to duck into the forrest and wait until the worst of it passed. It was fun to get caught in the rain. We now live in Ireland. I have never seen it rain so hard or so much. We've had 5 inches of rain in 6 days! Everything is so green and pretty but we are ready for summer. NOW!

a pasture

Devils staircase is just boiling. We passed many kayakers came but we didn't see any in the water. Most were just taking pictures of the incredible waves smashing against the rocks.

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