Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Girls week

While Tyler & Jayna went on the Pioneer trek to Martin's Cove in Wyoming with their ward we had Grace, Caroline & Lila stay with us for a week.

We had a lot of "free days" in which the girls did pretty much whatever they wanted! We went swimming, ate cold cereal, colored, played computer games and watched a lot of movies!

3 silly girls!

Caroline informed me one day that whenever she rang this bell (a toy from a crib mobile) that it meant it was time for a snack. Gotta love these girls and their imaginations!

The girls enjoyed cousin Zac's visit very much. They gave him their undivided attention, they piled stuffed animals on him, they sang to him, they made him be their Prince and they made him eat pretend food..... of course he was tied up...

they named this little guy Fred

a rare snap of Lila - in focus!

girls at play

Aunt Christy made edible playdough for the girls. We covered the table in Saran wrap and powdered sugar and they loved it!

Brigitte & Lila were mostly interested in eating their play dough.
It was Yummy!

The girls made a sleigh from the bar stools - see cute video below!


StephanieTJLee said...

Just stopping by. These are such adorable photos. The girls are adorable as well :)! Fred too, heh.

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