Saturday, August 28, 2010

So last night was a crazy night. We left Boise at 5:00 and got home at 8:30. When we turned onto the Banks Lowman Rd. the traffic was at a standstill. We had no idea what the reason was until dozens of trucks loaded with firefighters came by. We inched along - moving 6 miles in 3 hours. Mom & Harold had driven to Boise and we met up with them at WINCO/Home Depot so we could travel home together. They drove their pickup so they could bring us a trailer which we are so excited to have! Gabe & Christy were coming later and we tried to call them to tell them that they might want to wait until morning but unfortunately there was no cell phone service. They ended up staying at the Ashley Inn in Donnelly because by the time they got to the Banks Lowman road it was closed and Christy did not want to turn around and go home. She wanted an adventure and I think she got one!
They arrived today about noon.

We had a front row seat for all the action. The planes were right overhead! Some big tanker planes came from Boise and then the helicopters were swooping down right beside us to fill their buckets with water. It was pretty amazing. It was pretty incredible to see this fire being put out.

The very long line of cars.....

We had bought $300 worth of groceries in town but luckily we had sacked and wrapped all the cold foods in paper and it was only 70 degrees. Thankfully by the time we got home everything was in good shape.

Helicopter swooping down to grab some water.

The fire was clear down to the road. Luckily for us the powers lines moved to the river side of the road just before the fire. We were thinking that if we ever did get home there would be no power. Only one lane was open because of the fire and falling rocks. A pilot car would take 15 cars through at a time (we later found out) finally it was our turn!

It was eerily dark. I lightened the photos so we could see them better...

waiting our turn. Mom and I had books to read and a plan - a plan to pee in a bucket - if need be. Some people were squatting behind brush along the river but not us!

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