Saturday, September 25, 2010

it was a wonderful day for a party

a perfect warm sunny day

happy children

beautiful tables...

yummy cupcakes and treats...

AWESOME decorations!
Curt, Gabe, Tyler & Dan were the tables & chairs setter uppers
and last minute errand runners.

No job is too big for Kallie. She swung from tree to tree hanging adorable puff after adorable puff that she & Christy had made. They decorated everything so perfectly. If you need party planners these are your girls! Kallie & Christy made everything sparkle with perfection!

Bronco t-shirts from great Grandma Crandall

Lila, Brigitte & Caroline enjoy a happy moment

I loved the giant cupcake!

It's Caroline's 5th Birthday!!!

everyone had so much fun!

we love this girl!!!

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jayna said...

So cute! Thanks for posting! I had so many pictures to sift thru I ended up just posting the first ones I got to!