Thursday, October 28, 2010

We love you Curt!
Happy Birthday!

this picture was taken on your 17th Birthday - remember?

Last weekend we had a little impromptu Birthday party for Curt. Gabe & Christy and Curt & Kallie came up for the weekend along with mom & Harold. The guys had come up to go hunting for Curt's Birthday and mom & Harold were just coming to see us! The guys got all ready to go on Thurs night and left at 4:00 Fri morning to go find some elk. Sadly I did not get up at 4 to get a picture of the hunters. They didn't get anything. Christy & I are not actually that tore up that they didn't get anything. Its too sad to shoot them. Kallie & Christy made Curt a delicious coconut cream birthday cake. It was really yummy with pudding in it. We were able to scrounge up 25 candles (pink ones too) and sang happy birthday to him. I can't believe he's 25! No elk to be found but the guys did bring back something - more wood!
and then buzzed it up and split it when they got home. Curt left with a pickup load to split when he gets home. He's coming back next weekend to get some more wood with Kallie's dad & Dan.

showing a new trick while playing PIG

I was not up at 4:00 to get a hunting picture of the guys
but I did get one of them cutting up the wood.

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