Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Gabe!!!

Gabe & Christy hosted a birthday party for Gabe. Everyone brought a different kind of soup and then Christy had made some delicious appetizers and a cake. She also made the most delicious soup (see the cooking blog. Dan got Gabe a wooden box and filled it with ammo. I'm sure he needed it. I just wanted to wish Gabe a Happy Birthday and thank him for all he does for us!!! We love you Gabe!

Gabe gets a little help blowing out his candle (yes, singular)

Gabe & Curt working out

Don't stand in the way of Gabe and the basketball hoop!

Gabe is always willing to help out at the cabin and we sooooo appreciate his skills!

and a great father!

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Christy Beal said...

this was so cut im going to steal all your photos! thanks for the tribute - it will make his day!