Friday, October 22, 2010

Our shop/barn/guest house is now painted! I love the color and how it turned out!
You may also notice our new John Deer Skid Steer. The guy who's skid steer Dan was using moved so we didn't know what to do because we have to have one to plow the snow and they are such a useful thing to have around. Dan uses it almost daily for projects! We looked everywhere - locally, on line, even eBay but could not find one. Finally we found one in Kimberly, ID. Dan just talked to the guy over the phone and we bought it sight unseen. The guy & his wife brought it to us. It is great! There goes our new 4x4 vehicle though. I guess I will be driving this to church on Sundays! The Lexus can't handle the snow that we have here so it is parked in the garage all winter and Dan has early morning meetings every Sunday so I will have to get up and ride with him an hour early. Bummer.

The last load of wood. Isn't it pretty? I am sooooooooo thankful for it.
I love how warm our new fireplace is. It is the greatest thing!

We have been blessed to have my mom & Harold here for a few days! Dan & Harold went & got more wood and have spent many hours sawing & stacking.

We have 7-8 cords of wood now. Yea! I'll be warm this winter. Goodbye $800 a month propane bill that didn't even keep us warm.

a room with no view. The wood has been stacked to the rafters along most of the porch on the north side of the house so the guests in this bedroom see nothing but wood!

Mom & I have spent many hours sewing; no makeup, no fixing our hair, just sewing, sewing, sewing for Christmas, stopping only to eat. My mom is amazing! She has sewed 36 of these things she is making for everyone for Christmas! No small task. We did manage to take a short walk each day usually to the mailbox to pick up the mail. The weather has been in the 70's all week. So very nice. At night we all went swimming and or watched a movie. It was good times! They heard that a friend from Cave Junction had died and Harold was wanted to speak at the funeral so they had to leave. They are planning to come back in January.

a few months ago Dan built a fire pit along the edge of our property that overlooks the river. I wanted to build one closer to the house but it looks as if this one is staying. We have used it several times over the summer for dutch oven cooking, hot dog & marshmallow roasting and everyone seems to enjoy the view of the river while cooking. I was worried it was too close to the edge - it has a big drop off to the road below but so far so good.

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Christy Beal said...

that is a ton of wood! It looks like you better come to boise to relax and restore your energy!