Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We went to Boise and watched the girls while Tyler & Jayna went to SLC for the weekend to attend conference with Tyler's parents. We didn't get to watch all the sessions but what little we watched sounded so great! We will watch it later this week on the computer. On the way to Boise the fuel pump went out on the suburban as we were coming up Glenwood. The suburban died in the middle of the road and to make matters worse we were hauling Mike's trailer back to him. Luckily a policeman was right behind us and quickly started to direct traffic and then a good Samaritan stopped and helped us push the trailer & suburban off to the side of the road. Tyler cam and picked us up. We had it towed and it took all day to fix it but we count it as a blessing that it went out where it did! If it would have happened on Horseshoe bend hill it would have been another story! We had a great time hanging out with the grandkids. We took the girls to see Nanny McPhee Returns and it was enjoyed by all.

try as I might - I just can't get a good picture of the 5 grandkids together!

Grace wears her Bronco tee shirt for game day!
she says her mom won't let her wear it to school.

and as usual Lila escapes being photographed except for this one as she watches (safely on her bed) Caroline vacuum. Caroline also cleaned the playroom all by herself!

Papa snapped this picture of Caroline & me.

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jayna said...

Looks like fun...thank you SO MUCH for playing house with our kids last weekend! We really truly appreciate you and all you guys do for us! Love you!