Sunday, November 7, 2010


Fall is upon us. Goodbye 65 degree days. Hello freezing nights. This last week we have enjoyed such wonderful weather I can hardly believe its November. I'm sure the snow will be here soon enough. It rained hard most of the day. I thought I would report on our week. I've been a little lax on blogging. Yesterday (Sat) I went to our Relief Society Super Saturday at the church and made a few crafts and we had soup for lunch. I had a good time and liked what I had made. When I got home I did my Primary lesson (it was on Job) and I had 5 kids in my class today so that was GREAT! After Super Saturday I finished up some sewing projects and cleaned up the house. Dan worked all day outside running the skid steer and moving & cementing rocks - getting ready for the snow... then that night we went swimming and it was so HOT! so nice for our poor aching muscles and then we came home and watched the BSU/Hawaii game - BSU won of course. On Wed. Dan went fishing with some of the guys here in our branch. I don't have to say how much he enjoys going. He always has a great time. Later that night as he was cleaning the fish (in the dark), he was busy throwing the fish heads & guts in a bucket when he was startled by Mr Fox. He was only about 8 feet away and let out a few yips to get Dan's attention. Fantastic Mr. Fox is getting tame, I hope that's okay... I don't suppose you are supposed to feed them. Dan threw him some fish heads and he ran away happy. Today (Sunday) we ate those fish. We had the fishermen and their wives here for dinner plus a few extra. There were 12 total. We ate at 5:00. With the time change and it being fast Sunday I thought that it wasn't a minute too soon. We had a wonderful time. This group of about 12 gets together every couple of months or so at each others houses. Everyone brings something to eat and it just works out. One couple stayed late and we played Pinochle until 10:30. Dan did have a trailer accident yesterday. Dan was pulling the double axle trailer and he stopped but somehow the trailer came unhooked from the suburban and rolled away just missing the suburban & the cargo trailer! It came to a stop between the two. It's very heavy and could have certainly damaged either one. Then later Dan got cut by a rusty piece of old barb wire. I tried in vain to get him to go in for a tetanus shot. So that is our week.

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jayna said...

Well good to know! We talk to you guys so little lately that it really feels like you ARE on a mission! :) Hopefully see you soon. xoxoxo