Wednesday, November 3, 2010

handy dandy wood splitter

and I don't mean Dan, although he did hand split 4 cords of wood by himself!
Harold & Mom came back to Idaho after being home for just 2 days, Harold
had made a deal on this wood splitter while in Oregon last week where he
had to speak at a funeral. He got this fantastic wood splitter for only $90! A
deal of the century! He also had a trailer in Oregon on which to haul it. Harold
is a good man to know! So he and Dan spent a whirlwind 20 hours on the road -
over &
back, taking turns driving, and only getting lost once.

we now call them -

The Night Riders

look at the size of log this wood cutter can handle!

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ladaisi said...

You have a very sweet blog here, and I love the picture on your banner.

- Lauren