Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Sunday! It has been one week since I posted anything. The sky is gray today and we woke to light snow gently falling; melting before it hit the ground; a reminder that winter is coming. I went to Boise on Tuesday to spend the night with Jayna. Tyler was out of town and Lila was sick with double ear infections so I went to offer what little comfort I could. After the girls were in bed Jayna made salsa and we sat and watched internet TV and ate chips with our salsa. It was a nice quiet evening and Jayna didn't have to sleep behind locked doors with the children; although I'm not sure what protection I really offered. On Wed. Christy & Gabe decided on a quick trip to Portland and could I stay with her kids or bring them home with me. How could I not accept. A few days with delightful "butters" Spencer. I decided to stay at her house since it was easier than dragging all their stuff to mine. Dan stayed in GV because he had prior commitments there and I really missed him. I was gone for 5 days, a long separation for us! I did do a couple of outings - one to Costco and one to the kids' Chiropractor but mostly stayed in the house and watched TV and chased after kids. Spencer rolls all over the house and gets up on all fours and rocks so he will be crawling any day now. Brigitte kept me amused with all her funny sayings. I should have written them down because now I can't remember them. She's such a drama queen. At the end of her Gabba show she dramatically says, "Oh no! What happened? Another show?!" We ate lots of yogurt and took showers together while Spencer sat in his saucer. It was good times. Jory took Spencer for a night after I had gotten no sleep so that was nice. I took Brigitte to Walmart and got a few groceries and then we looked at all the pretty Christmas things. The sadest part of my week is that I got to spend time with all 5 grandchildren and didn't have my camera to take one single picture.

Today was our Stake Conference and it was really good. We kept loosing the signal from Emmett every 15 minutes or so but managed to get most of it. The talks were all great. The theme was what can we do to know of our Savior. I just read the talk given by President Monson in the Oct conference and will close with this quote from President Monson.

"Brothers and sisters, seeing your example, I pledge anew my determination to be better, to be more faithful—more kind and devoted, more charitable and true as our Father in Heaven is and as so many of you already are."
-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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