Sunday, November 21, 2010

our little elf

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I got back from church and Papa & Grace had gotten the tree up and were decorating it when I walked in the door. What a nice surprise! Grace hung little Christmas signs on each bedroom door. Papa stayed home with Grace because she has strep throat and could not go to church. We brought her home Sat morning after her piano recital. She didn't have school next week and we are going to Boise again on Wed so it sounded like a fun few days with our oldest grandchild. When she woke up sick Sat morning and had to go to the Dr. she was so sad to think she couldn't come to our house. So we packed up her & her medicine and came home. I had to go to church today because I was teaching Primary & Young Women's and Dan only had one class to teach and it was easier for him to find a substitute than it would have been for me. We woke up to snow (our first real snowfall) and I had slick roads going to church and it took me 30 minutes. The whole time I was thinking what if I broke down or slid off the road- I was in my heels and didn't have a very warm coat - but I arrived only 5 minutes late - safe & sound. By the time church let out all the roads were sanded so the drive home was much easier and when I walked in and saw the Christmas tree up & lighted it was so NICE! I had put in baked potatoes & chicken for lunch so it was already to eat. We added some green beans and raspberries and it was a nice little dinner. My Primary lesson was on the Word of Wisdom and my Young Women's lesson was on Gratitude. Both lessons went well and I was glad. Now I must go have a tea party with my little elf.. who is thankfully feeling much better today!

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jayna said...

Thanks again for having her- she's having the time of her life I'm sure!

ps Take down that picture of me with her at the piano. It looks like I ATE a piano. Thanks.