Saturday, November 27, 2010

We went to Boise for Thanksgiving. Gabe & Christy hosted and went to so much work, hauling in tables & chairs, moving furniture around, decorating - not to mention the most fabulous hors d'oeuvres and a feast to make Martha Stewart proud. Curt & Kallie helped them with the preparations and food. Everything was so lovely and the decorations were just beautiful: vintage photographs hanging and displayed, puff balls hanging, lights hanging, and Christy made a tree with frosted leaves that sparkled. Dar & Brad & Zac, Mitchell, & Taylor came even though the roads were very slick. Paul is on his mission of course so he wasn't there. Mom, Harold & Tyson were coming but we have so much snow and the road conditions were so bad they stayed in Utah. After a day of Thanksgiving at Christy's we headed over to Tyler & Jayna's to spend the night but not before we had a soak in their hot tub. It was glorious! Then off to bed and back to Christy's in the morning for breakfast casserole. We played Settlers then we came home. Dar & Brad followed us to spend the night so they could see our cabin. Brad cussed us the whole way for the slick roads! and when they got up to go home this morning it had snowed another 5 inches. They were wishing they had brought their suburban but at least their RAV4 is front wheel drive. We played games and watched BSU loose (so so sad) to Reno. Taylor wanted to see the turkey & deer but they showed up 2 minutes after they had gone. We had a really wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you Christy and Kallie for the most wonderful meal!!!

Christy & Kallie - we owe it all to you!

Spencer is one cute boy!

Gabe & Curt doing a puzzle - really?


this little pilgrim had to have a "hit" from her blankie

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Julia said...

everything looked so beautiful! We'll be in Idaho next year for Thanksgiving, so maybe if you guys are around we'll be able to drive up and see you guys.