Thursday, December 30, 2010

28" of snow

We received 28 inches of snow over Tues & Wed. It looks like the North Pole here. We got more snow than any of the ski resorts. Boise only got rain and we were right on the edge of the storm so Garden Valley got dumped on! We sure have put the skid steer to good use. Dan removed snow for 4 hours Tues and 6 hours Wed! We woke to a crisp 14 degrees and beautiful bright blue skies this morning so I had to go and take some pictures. Everything is sparkling like it has diamonds on it - so pretty. Our high for the next few days is in the teens with lows of minus 2-4 for the night brrrr. People have been without power from Idaho City to McCall so we are fortunate to still have power; especially since a tree fell on our power pole and broke it in half (see picture below!) Yesterday our power kept flickering on and off and last afternoon Dan found the problem - downed power lines. We called Idaho Power and they came out last night at 10:00 pm to see it. They said they had lots of residential people with downed power lines but ours is listed as an emergency situation so they will be out today to install a new pole. The power stayed on all night so that was good. Hopefully by the time the kids arrive today it will be fixed. We are having our Christmas & New Years celebration starting today and it would be a disaster to have our power out. so hopefully things will work out!!!!

hanging by a prayer...

our driveway as it was snowing... we were so snowed in

the snow is 8 feet deep where it slides off the house

the trees are heavy with snow

the river looks pretty chilly today!

mounds and mounds of pretty white snow

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kwinslow said...

Hi Dan and Sherry, this is Kevin writing from Idaho Power. I saw your blog post and just wanted to check in. That is an amazing amount of snow you got and your pictures were great. I'm glad our crews were able to help and I hope everyone is safe and warm. You did the right thing by calling us! I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday season - all the best to you and your family!

P.S. If you'd like to give me an update on the new pole installation, feel free to e-mail me at kwinslow at idaho power (all one word) dot com.