Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm happy to report I feel the same as last year. We went to church (I got many "Happy Birthday" wishes and sang to in Primary) where I gave the lesson in Primary and Y.W. We had 4 (unexpected) stake visitors in YW so that was a surprise! In Primary I had both classes so I had children ranging from 4-12. Quite an age difference. Fortunately our lesson was on Jonah being swallowed by the whale and we had a fun game to play needing 2 teams so it worked out really well.

I found this letter taped to my computer screen which I did not see until after church. I love it!
After going one year without TV we not only got satellite TV but a new 46 inch TV to go with it. Lifetime how I have missed you! We really did great not having TV in the house but now that I have it again I love taping shows and watching them later while fixing dinner or sewing. The kids have called to tell me happy birthday and I opened a present that my mom had mailed to me so I am spoiled.



Jana said...

Happy birthday Sherry! Sounds like you had an excellent day :)

jayna said...

Love you so much Mom. Thanks for all you do! (I hope you checked out the comments LOVING your curtains!)

Christy Beal said...

Mom - happy 29th! I wish you had stayed in town so we could eat sushi, but next time you are here it will be a fun treat. And IM SO excited about your new dvr. Gabe especially will be filled with JOY over it. Now all you need is netflix so you can watch movies directly on your tv day and night - its fabulous!

and Jaynas curtains did turn out splendidly! very cute.