Wednesday, December 22, 2010


(I can't believe we have a 30 year old - how did this happen?!)

You were our Christmas baby. We were so excited to bring you home!
We were first time parents and really didn't know what we were doing
but you made it so easy for us. You were the best baby ever!
You smiled right way and great Grandma Stewart (who lived by us)
was sure I had carried you an extra month because you were so advanced!
If I was nursing you and said anything to you or to anyone else in the room
you would quit nursing and smile up at me. You were so cute!
You never cried, even when you were hungry and you slept through the night
from 6 weeks on sleeping from 9:00 pm to 9:00 am. No one could believe it.
I would wake up in the night just to make sure you were still breathing.

4 days old sitting under the Christmas tree;
surrounded by presents & love

at 3 months old - ADORABLE
people would steal you at church
You would go to anyone.

at 2o months - what a cutie!
this is the age you were when you scooted over a chair, climbed
up on the cupboard, and got my red nail polish off the refrigerator
so you could paint Christy's (who was only 3 months!) fingernails.

at 2 1/2 - what a little princess you were

and then

you grew up


along came your Prince Charming

and you lived happily ever after
Fairy tales do come true!

You are such an amazing woman!
You are a wonderful wife, daughter and mother!
I think you turned out pretty darn well!

We love you Jayna Lynn!

Don't fret that you have turned 30
~ its really very young. You'll see!

I love this picture of you & Caroline.
You're such a wonderful mommy!

Happy 30th Birthday Jayna Lynn!!!


Jana said...

Oh, what a sweet post :). Happy, happy birthday to Jayna!!

jayna said...

Ahhh- Mom! I got teary eyed here is Santa Barbara! I'm so glad I clicked your blog this morning! Love you so much!