Saturday, December 4, 2010

a letter to St. Nick...

today I found this letter that Grace had written to Santa. It took awhile to decipher her writing but you can get the gist of it! Its a very large sheet of paper and wouldn't quite fit on my scanner~ but you get the idea that everything she wants is to be REAL this year. She's obviously tired of the fake stuff! Enjoy!

Dear Sant Nicklis,

I wuod like a ponny or a horse, real pleas.
A new stoking, a horse one pleas.
I woud also whant a American Eskimo dog, a real one please.
I woud also wount A hors & pony colring book
pleas Sra Niklis a sadl too like the one you gave me on ginger blak & pink one pleas.
we'll be at my Grammy & Papa's cabina. Pleas come.
We'll have a good sprise for you & your rangideyr.
don't forget to save one of your sprisas for Miss Closa to!
I woud also whant a pridle and sadle blanckit blac & pick & whit.
Pleas have a good Chrismis .
One mory thin a hore tralr a nice white one with a window.

from grace


Christy Beal said...

oh this was too cute. Whats going to happen when none of her things are REAL (except maybe the coloring book?!)

my favorite part was about the reindeer.

jayna said...

My favorite part was the "Oh yea- and a trailer- a nice one with a window!" I guess no craigslist trailers for her! :)