Thursday, December 2, 2010

On the menu today...

snow snow and more snow

when you wake up and the first thing you see is this huge snow covered tree
through your bedroom window you should just stay in bed and read.

Dan has got some more plowing to do.
We got nine more inches last night and it has been snowing all day.
I went out this morning and took some more pictures.
It's even more amazing than the day before!
I'm convinced Dan has moved me to the North Pole.
Everywhere you look is a white winter wonderland!

our driveway!

the snow covered river

the snow comes down off the roof in an avalanche!
it has completely blocked the road again. Every little while you hear the thudding sound of snow sliding off the trees and roof, shattering the quiet.

1 comment:

jayna said...

GOod thing dad has his plow! And good thing you have all that warm wood to burn! Crazy!