Saturday, December 11, 2010

We went to Boise and stayed with Jayna for a few days and caught up on some things we needed to do there like straighten out the bumper on the suburban so the doors will open again after a minor accident Dan had with the propane shed and the hitch... while there we got to go to Caroline's ballet program. It was so cute and she is a natural :) I couldn't get my video to load due to my sloooow internet upload speed so maybe I can get it to load another day.

the girls have this GIANT floor puzzle of a horse called Sara Bella that they put together one night. They had been galloping around playing horses with their shirts off. I asked Grace why (I thought that they must have been hot from all their horse play) and Grace says, "because we're half horse and half human" like it was the most logical explanation in the world!

and this little gem - Lila is wearing my "topper"
the girls were fascinated by it!!!

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