Wednesday, January 12, 2011

funny story

I have a friend here in the valley. She is 74 years young and as hilarious & sweet & funny as she can be! Her dear husband passed away unexpectedly 8 months ago so she is going it alone this winter. A couple of weeks ago it when it was in the minus below zero phase she woke to find that she had no running water in the house. Her pump house was frozen. The light bulb that keeps the pump house from freezing must have burned out. She remembered her husband had a heater that he would put down there in the winter for an emergency such as this. So she found a new bulb and tucked it in her shirt and bundled up to go find the heater. Minutes later she had found the extension cord & heater and headed to the pump house. As she approached the pump house she realized that there was no way she could safely get to it - walking that is - so being the funny creative sensible person that she is, she decided to crawl to the pump house so she wouldn't slip and fall. So there she was all bundled up, crawling along with her heater, extension cord and protecting the precious light bulb. I can't make this stuff up. Not a neighbor to be found to snap a picture. We all had a good laugh as she was relaying it to us. Did I mention that she is very independent and self reliant? I learn so much from her!

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