Sunday, January 23, 2011

A lot has happened this past week and I need to catch up. I spent last week in Boise helping Jayna with her girls getting them to and from school. Lila had her adenoids out and tubes put in her ears on Tuesday morning. She breezed through her surgery and is doing just fine. Occasionally she says her ears or throat hurt, but she is doing remarkable well! We are so thankful for her recovery and hopefully she will be healthier now and not get sick so often. Tuesday was especially an especially busy day (see Jayna's post about spending her days in the car - I can really relate now), starting at 7:00 am when Jayna left to take Lila in for surgery. Tyler took Grace to school at 8:00 and I took Caroline to school at 8:30. Then I had to go to the Federal building to file some papers for Dan. Then I went to the Co op just because I hadn't been there for so long. I got some delicious things and headed back to Jayna's. I threw in a load of clothes and then it was time to go pick up Caroline (early this day because of Dentist appointments - not hers - but Grace's & Jayna's - which I was taking because obviously Jayna wasn't going to be able to make it and I really needed my teeth cleaned!). I went and got Lila's prescriptions which had been called into Walgreens and some distilled water for her humidifier and then swung through Taco Time to get us some lunch, then to get Caroline out of school early, then picked up Grace and while we drove she ate her 2 gluten free tacos. We made it to the Dentist on time only to find out that her appointment was really at 2:00 not 12:00 as Jayna had written down. But they were really nice and took Grace in right away and set me an appointment for 1:00. So after Grace was done I took her back to school and then hurried back to the Dentist for my appointment at 1:00. Poor Caroline spent all day in the car and at the Dentist but she didn't seem to mind. Then we went back to Jayna's house for a short breather and then it was time to pick Grace up at school and take Caroline to Ballet. So we did and then drove home in rush hour traffic in the rain and no side mirror on Jayna's driver's side of the car (that was fun). The next couple of days were not quite this busy and I got a chance to return some things I needed to, get the oil changed in the suburban and got the dirty beast washed. It almost looks like a car again. Then Dan came into town Thursday with Larry (which could be another whole chapter). The skid steer has been broken down and needed to be hauled into town. Dan had ordered and replaced the computer so it was running but the bucket wouldn't come down. Larry came up (in the diesel truck that he bought from Harold) and they hooked up a trailer and loaded the skid steer on it. It took them 4 hours to get to Boise. They left the skid steer to get repaired and headed to the Cracker Barrel for some dinner. I met them there, picked up Dan and took him back to Jayna's and Larry headed home. We got in the hot tub for a bit and then off to bed. We were so tired! Friday night we all went out to Chuck A Rama to celebrate Dan's birthday. That's right. He's as old as I am now. We had a good time seeing everyone. I love my family! Kallie was in Seattle visiting a friend so she wasn't there but everyone else was. I didn't have my camera so I don't have a single picture from our past week. After eating ourselves sick we headed for Garden Valley. The temperature in Boise had fallen to 36 and it was raining so we wondered if we were getting snow but when we got to Horseshoe Bend hill it was clear so we thought we wouldn't have any. Boy were we wrong. A freak storm came on Friday and dropped 6 inches. As soon as we hit the Bank-Lowman road it was snow packed all the way home. Our driveway is so deep from snow falling off the roof we can barely get in and out. The skid steer won't be fixed until next week so we'll just have to make do. Last night we went to the pool and found it 102 degrees. We were having a wonderful time until someone there told us that Dawn Smith had been killed in a snow mobile accident Friday night. It came as a big shock. She was a Realtor here in Garden Valley and showed us many houses; practically every house for sale from here to Lowman in the past 5 years. She sold us our current house. She was such an asset to the community and will be sorely missed here. She was a single mom and just recently her parents moved here to live by them. At least that is a great blessing for the kids now.

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