Wednesday, January 12, 2011

lucky me

today I went visiting teaching which is in itself sometimes an adventure, but today it was a bit more of an adventure than normal. Going visiting teaching in the winter with the snow is always a challenge and some of our sisters are hard to get to. Marla (my VT partner) and I met at Terrace Lakes in the parking lot. We take turns driving so today she got into my car and we headed up to visit our first sister. Yesterday at Relief Society this sister had mentioned that the back road into their property hasn't been plowed all winter so don't go that way. Okay so we wouldn't, except we did. The road had been plowed a ways in so I thought it was good to go, but it had snowed in the night and was snowing this morning so you could not see where the plowed road ended. All of a sudden my car just stopped and wouldn't go forward or reverse. We were really stuck! and wouldn't you know it - I had left my snow boots home and was wearing little backless shoes. I had the premonition to go back when I left the house this morning and get them when I saw it was snowing but rationalized it away because I was running late and besides we wouldn't really be out walking in any snow. Marla, who was wearing more sensible winter shoes got out and tried to push - bless her heart. But it was useless. The snow was level with the bottom of the door on one side and we were high-centered. So back into the car we went . I said a quick prayer in my head and decided to call Marlene whose husband has a big Dodge truck and could probably pull us out. Luckily I had my cell phone with me with a fully charged battery and we had a signal. But her husband was not at home. She said she would have him come as soon as he got home. Marla and I decided to walk back to her Jeep which was about a mile back. So off through the snow we went, me without snow boots and Marla without a hat (think blowing snow). We made it to her Jeep a little cold (its 23 today) but safe & sound and we had our exercise done for the day. See how that worked out. We drove to Marlene's house - our next sister to visit and she said she had called Walt and he was coming to drive Bill's truck and pull us out! 5 minutes later here came Bill and Walt so I jumped into the truck and off we went to get my suburban unstuck. I realized they were going the wrong way and said so. Bill said,"but you can't get in the other way - the road's closed". "Yes, I know, that's why I am stuck". So we turn around and go the other way. They hooked up the tow rope and pulled but nothing happened. Bill's truck was sliding around on the snow covered ice and we could tell that it was a no go. They had a shovel fortunately and went to work digging. That did the trick and soon I was back on the road and met up with Marla at Eva's house to continue our vising teaching. Marla and I decided next time we'll do a phone visit. The roads were so slick today we really should have stayed home! It was a good reminder for me to be better prepared! I'm thankful for good friends who I could call in an emergency! I didn't even bother to call Dan since he was stranded at home with only the Lexus and would not have been able to help. We might need to get another 4X4 sooner rather than later. Did I mention it has been snowing ALL day. Some days such as this one, you should just stay in bed.

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