Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still Winter

Yes, its still Winter. I do really good until the end of Jan and then I just want it to go away. We did [finally] take down our tree and most of Christmas, although a few decorations are lurking here and there. I'll get to them eventually! Who cares that the dining room windows are covered in snowmen and Santa Clauses and the musical Christmas horses are still out. Dan did take down the Leg lamp which I was going to leave up for awhile. Everytime I see it I smile. Last week we made a quick trip to Boise on Friday. Dan was running late for his meeting so he just dropped me off at Jayna's house. It was nap time for Lila so I thought Jayna would be home. He drove off just as I got to the door and realized nobody was home. No worries I had a key - except I didn't. I had 2 keys but they were both to our house. So I walked around her house trying all the doors and found one open - to the sun room but both doors leading into the house were locked. I could have read a book in there - if only I had kept my Kindle. Or I could have got in the hot tub if I had my swim suit but sadly they were both in our car with Dan. I waited for about half an hour and then I thought I should try & call Jayna because maybe she had to go somewhere and would be gone for hours but I had no cell phone! Dan had it with him. So no problem I would just go to one of their nice neighbors to use a phone. I went to 5 houses before I found someone home and this mom looked at me a little suspiciously but was nice enough to let me use her cell phone. I couldn't remember anyone's cell phone number so I had to call Dan and he got hold of Jayna and I called him back 5 minutes later and said Jayna was on her way home. Whew! I walked to the Library with Grace and Caroline (who rode their bikes) to pick up a book I have been wanting to read. Jayna had gotten on a waiting list for it and it was in. That was an adventure in itself (note to self - never take 2 small girls riding their bikes to the library down a busy street at RUSH HOUR). Saturday morning we went to Grace's first Y-Ball game and it did not disappoint for entertainment! Seven year old girls who are just learning to play. You can picture it! Too funny for words! After the game we met up with Curt & Kallie and Gabe & Christy at Chilies for some lunch. After visiting and squeezing Brigitte and Butters we headed for home. Today we went to church and taught our classes and then at 5:00 we went to dinner at some friends. There were 12 of us and we had a great time as usual and then we left at 7:00 for Dan to go play guitar with another group of guys from the Branch who are going to put on a little show for the Relief Society Dinner in March. Should be entertaining! I sat and visited with 3 of the wives and then we had ice cream. So another fun filled Sunday! Then when we got home I called my mom to see if her nerves were "calm" because she is having some major dental work done tomorrow. So much so that they are putting her out while they do it all. Sorry mom! Not to worry - Dar gave her a Xanax to take. Its time for a shower and then bed. I'm reading Kate Morton's new book "The Distant Hours" and will stay up late reading tonight!

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