Monday, February 7, 2011

and now the BIG news!!!

that's right! there's a baby on the way!!!
Congratulations Curt & Kallie !!!

at our Super Bowl party Kallie wanted a group photo so we all got ready and just as Curt was going to snap the picture, Kallie yells out, "I'm pregnant!". Curt was really taping us and got all our shocked faces and screams of happiness on tape! We are so excited for them and for us to have another grandchild on the way! We're sooooo happy for you guys !!! Last night they told Kallie's parents and did the same thing - group picture and Kallie says, "I'm pregnant" and noone does anything and she says it again and again and they finally catch on! I can't wait to see the videos! Kallie is going to post them on a blog.

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