Thursday, February 24, 2011

eating their Christmas pie

I had a Christmas pie that was left from Christmas - mostly cherry - and I had frozen it thinking we would eat it later. So we thawed it out on Presidents weekend when the kids were here but it was too mushy and unappetizing to eat so I set it out for the deer. They came running to eat and we had a dozen deer fighting over it. They absolutely loved it and after it was gone right down to the last drop - then they licked each other off too! It was so cute to watch them. And now Spring surely must be right around the corner because a little squirrel has woken up and has become a resident on our front porch begging at the door. I gave him some popcorn which he /she loved! I didn't get any pictures of our Presidents Day weekend. Tyler and another leader and four boy scouts came and spent Friday night with us. They ate dutch oven cooking and went sledding and swimming at Terrace Lakes. We only had one mishap with the scouts - someone put too many egg shells down the garbage disposal and plugged up the sink. Dan & Tyler to the rescue with a big bucket - they took the drain pipe apart and presto - the clog was gone. We didn't do much over the weekend. The Haws family had been sick the week before and they were all still under the weather a bit. Then Saturday Caroline started not feeling well and Sunday she developed a hoarse barking cough and couldn't catch her breath. She was burning up Sunday night so they left early Monday morning to get her to the Doctor. Later they called and said she had pneumonia and that one of her lungs has fluid in it. Then on Tuesday Jayna called and said Lila was sick so they had taken her in also and that both girls tested positive for influenza and that maybe Dan and I should get some Tamaflu. We are taking our Gammadyn Cu and crossing our fingers instead! Dan has to be on court Monday morning at 9:00 AM and we have no where to stay in Boise. Kallie has been really sick with the flu, Christy's kids have been throwing up, and Jayna has the flu at her house. I think we'll just get up early Monday morning and drive in.

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