Monday, February 7, 2011

Super "BOWL' Sunday

We went to church and taught our lessons and then came home and packed a little bag and headed to Gabe & Christy's house to watch the Super Bowl. We are not die hard Super Bowl fans by any stretch of the imagination but the food makes up for it - especially when it's Kallie and Christy's cooking! They had so many delicious things to eat we hardly knew where to start! Kallie also sent us home with cute packages Valentine cookies and cupcakes. They are too cute to eat - well almost. I didn't get a picture of the cute D + S cookie before we ate it. Kallie, thank you! You are so thoughtful and together!

What did make this Super Bowl a little bit interesting was that Korey Hall is playing for the Green Bay Packers. He is from Glenns Ferry, ID so that is what makes it interesting. He played for BSU and is now playing pro football - someone from Glenns Ferry, our hometown. That is pretty unbelievable! I'm glad that the Packers won. They beat the Steelers 31 - 25.

Here are some pictures of our fantastic Sunday!

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