Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break

This last week we've had all kinds of crazy Spring weather; snow, rain, sunny skies, cold days, warm days, etc. Dan & Harold tried to cut up a tree but the wood wasn't any good. They did make a trip to the sawmill and bought some odds and ends firewood so I think we can make it through Spring! I can't believe we have almost used up our huge stash of firewood! Now we know next year we'll need a bit more. I can see that we will need to have a fire in the morning and then one at night for awhile yet. While my mom has been here we have been working on our photo books, she is working on 2007 to 2011 and I am working on my childhood. We have two computers set up, side by side and while we work on our digital books we eat chips and chocolate (well balanced don't you think?) We visit and eat and talk until we are silly. It has been fun. We go swimming almost every night. Mom arranged for us to get Whitney for a few days so we got the chance to reconnect with my niece who I haven't seen for 8 years! (the last time I saw her was at Justin's wedding and she was only 5!) She is 13 now and so beautiful. She still looks like she did - a lot like Justin. She is very sweet! It was so good to see her again. We were able to have her and her half sister Sidney, stay with us for a few days since its their Spring Break. Whitney was on crutches because she hurt her foot by kicking the wall when she was asleep. She had her tonsils out and the pain pills made her do weird things but she managed to get along - even to go swimming. They were here to attend church with us on Sunday and Whitney went into Young Womens and Sidney came with me to Primary. We found out that Whitney and Sidney were baptized a year ago! What a wonderful surprise. I wish we would have known, we surely would have gone. They are doing wonderful and I'm so happy for their family. We also sustained a new Branch Presidency on Sunday who will be just great. While the girls were here, we fed the deer, colored, played dominoes, watched movies and drank smoothies (the girls loved them). On the way home we stopped at Christy's and she fed us lunch and brought down a huge bag of clothes for Whitney to take home. Thank you so much Christy! We appreciate it! You are wonderful!!! We had planned on taking the girls to get a skirt and a pair of shoes so that really helped out since we only needed to shop for shoes. We squeezed Brigitte and Spencer and off we went to Payless Shoes and got each girl two pairs of shoes - one for school and one for church and then we took them home. We visited for a little while with Candice and then headed home. We left a spare computer for the girls to do their homework on. I loaded on some photos of Justin so Whitney would have them. We stopped at the Chevron, filled up with gas (super unleaded = 7 gallons for $27 dollars!!! - we've got to get a car that gets 30 mpg), grabbed a subway sandwich and candy bar and headed home in the pouring rain with windshield wipers that we need to replace. Today it is more working on our books for mom and I and the guys have been watching movies and setting up Dan's new computer which arrived yesterday from Dell. We tried to take a drive to scope out some firewood but we didn't get far. The road is still snow packed and closed 3 miles up the Middle Fork. Tonight we are going swimming and then watching Idol, YEA!

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Julia said...

I can't believe how grown up Whitney is! I miss her so much, hopefully I'll get to see her again soon. Looks like fun, I can't wait to come visit you guys sometime!